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HEISCO Testing & Calibration Lab is highly qualified independent metrology laboratory that has provided fast, affordable and reliable testing measuring instrument calibration and on site testing and calibration services. All measurement results are IS traceable, tied to stated references of the national standards.Our responsive service in additional to available skilled engineers and technicians in the lab, makes our laboratory a leading one in Kuwait.

calibration testing Services

Dimensional and Mechanical Tools
● Vernier Caliper (Internal/ External/ Depth)
● Micrometers (Internal & External)Dial Indicator
● Torque Wrench up to 3000 N.m
● Gauge Block Set for mm & Inch size
● Dial Bore Gauge
● Height Gauge
● Depth Gauge
● Feeler Gauge
● Coating Thickness Gauge
● Foil Sets
● Surface Profile Gauge
● Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
● Step Wedge
● Measuring Scale/ Tape
● Precision Level
● Master Level
● Adhesion Tester
● Tachometer
● Vibration Meter/ Vibration Analyzer

Pressure and Vacuum (-15 Psi to 40,000 Psi)
● Pressure / Vacuum Gauge
● Differential Pressure
● Pressure Calibrator
● Dead Weight Tester
● Absolute Pressure Indicator
● Pressure Safety/ Relief Valve up to 10” size
● Pressure Transducer
● Pressure Transmitter
● Pressure Indicator
● Pressure Chart Recorder
● Pressure Switch
● Pressure Regulator
● U-Tube Manometer
● Hydro Test Pump
● Manifold/Hose Test

● Thermo Hygrometers
● Temperature Humidity Data Logger
● Humidity Meters/ Indicators
● Humidity Transmitters
● Environmental Chamber
● Humidity Chart Recorder
● Dew Point Meter
● Multifunction Environmental Meter

● Infrared Thermometer (IR)
● Temperature Gauge
● Temperature Calibrator
● Temperature Indicator
● Thermocouples Thermometer
● RTD Thermometer
● PT 100 Thermometer
● Glass Thermometer
● Dry Block Calibrator
● Temperature Bath
● Thermostat
● Temperature Switch
● Temperature Transmitter
● Temperature Chart Recorder
● Ovens (Portable/ Mother/ Baking/ Holding)
● Pyrometer
● Surface Thermometer

● Multimeter
● Clamp Meter (Analog/Digital)Insulation Tester
● Earth Tester
● Decade Resistance Box
● High Voltage Test Set
● Current Injection Kit
● DC Holiday Detector
● Pin-Hole Detector
● Process Meter
● Loop Calibrator
● Hart/ Field Communicator
● Low Resistance Ohm Meter
● Thermocouple Simulator/Frequency Generator/ Counter/ Meter
● Scope Meter
● Multifunction Tester,
● Multifunction Calibrator
● AC/DC Analog & Digital Meter
● Power Supply
● Underground Cable/ Pipe/ GPR locator

● Single Gas Detectors
● Multi gas detectors
● Portable Oxygen Analyzer
● Weld Purge Monitor
● Conductivity Meter
● Turbidity Meter
● PH Meter
● Salt Contamination Meter
● Viscosity Meter

Mass and Balance
● Weights
● Weighing Scale

● Sound Level Meter
● Anemometers/ Wind Speed Meter
● Lux Meter

Non-Destructive Testing Instruments
● Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
● Thickness Gauge
● Hardness Tester
● Densitometer, Durometer
● Film Viewer
● UV Lamp, Magnetic Yoke
● UV Photo Meter
● PWHT Machine

On-Site Testing/ Calibration or Field Calibration is often performed on equipment that is too large or fragile to be transported to us, or that cannot be taken out of service for a few days at a time. You’ll enjoy the flexibility of our on-site Testing/ Calibration services to meet your scheduling needs and minimizing Production Downtime. Our highly Trained and Experienced field calibration team from our Laboratory provides swift calibration of the equipment’s, make adjustments if applicable, and provide with reliable results that will be documented in Testing/ Calibration Certificate.s

● Pressure/Vacuum Gauge, Calibrator, Dead Weight
● Tester & Transmitter.
● Temperature Gauge, Calibrator, Bath, Dry Block,
● Transmitter, Ovens (Portable/ Mother/ Baking/ Holding) & Chillers.
● Leveling Instruments.
● Weighing Bridge/Scale.
● Welding Machine/ Welding Rectifier.
● Manifold & Hose Test.
● Hydro Test Pump

● Chemical Analysis PMI (XRF)
● Hardness Test.
● Ferrite Test